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CG Professional Services began in 1992 as a small parts company. Since the inception of service and incorporation of our company in 1998, we have carefully constructed our company to be different and well-suited to the needs of our customers. We have constantly been evolving to accommodate our clients as best as possible through training, forecasting, and development.


Our mission is simple: to encourage openness and transparency for not only the employees, but our customers as well. Our owners are on-site or in our offices providing hands-on work and supervision. The direct experience with our owners has served as a base for the company. It is their vision that has built the sound foundation for success as we have it today. 

Our owners, Cheryl and Jerry, prioritize customer satisfaction and accommodation. Cheryl runs our office, sets up jobs, provides quotes to new customers, and handles issues current customers may have. Jerry guides our field technicians, assists with installations and troubleshooting for the major generator companies, and trains our employees.

One of our field technicians, Sean, is a US Marine Corps veteran. We are honored to have him work for us and thankful for his service to our country! Our electricians are insured, bonded, and happy to provide estimates.

Our team helps to deliver services in the mechanical repair industry. Some of our most popular services we handle include generator maintenance, food truck generator service, ANSI inspections, and OSHA inspections.

We are very proud of how hard we have worked to make our small business grow. We are living the true American Dream!

We keep the gimmicks low, the ideas simple and direct. When working with us, you'll get great service, fair prices, and nothing short of hard work!


We think we're pretty great, but so do our customers too. Read all about their experiences by clicking this link, searching for Residential/Commercial Sales & Services, entering our zip code (60467), pressing search, & finding us on the left side!

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